26 Apr 2020 @ 2:51 PM 

TL;DR : cd ~/public_html/var/session/ && ls -1 | wc -l && perl -e 'for(<*>){((stat)[9]<(unlink))}' && ls -1 | wc -l with a close follower from rsync: rsync -a – delete /tmp/empty/ ~/public_html/var/session/ .

I had to delete ~1.700.000 files in a Magento ./var/session/ folder

  • the Plesk interface crashed after a few minutes because it didn’t have the memory to list the folder’s content
  • after ssh-ing into the machine, the classic rm -rf var/session/* also crashed afeter a few minutes with the error: ” -sh: /usr/bin/rm: Argument list too long”

Count the initial number of files:

cd ~/public_html/var/session/

ls | wc -l

So I started looking on other solutions on the wild web and I came to this Kinamo post: Efficiently delete a million files on Linux servers that had 4 variants:

  • `-sh-4.2$ rm -rf var/session/*` -> -sh: /usr/bin/rm: Argument list too long
  • `find /yourmagicmap/* -type f -mtime +3 -exec rm -f {} \;`
  • `find /yourmagicmap/* -type f -mtime +3 -delete`
  • `-sh-4.2$ rsync -a –delete /tmp/empty/ var/session/`

Details on those variants:

  • rm: deleting millions of file is a no-can-do!
  • find -exec: an option, but slower!
  • find -delete: fast and easy way to remove loads of files.
  • rsync –delete: without doubt the quickest!

Beside that post, I found another solution proposed on a Unix StackExchange thread: Faster way to delete large number of files [duplicate] which had answers on another one: Efficiently delete large directory containing thousands of files. The solution was a delete-in-5000-files-batches script:


# Path to folder with many files

# Temporary file to store file names

if [ -z "$FOLDER" ]; then
    echo "Prevented you from deleting everything! Correct your FOLDER variable!"
    exit 1

while true; do
    FILES=$(ls -f1 $FOLDER | wc -l)
    if [ "$FILES" -gt 10000 ]; then
        printf "[%s] %s files found. going on with removing\n" "$(date)" "$FILES"
        # Create new list of files
        ls -f1 $FOLDER | head -n 5002 | tail -n 5000 > "$FILE_FILENAMES"

        if [ -s $FILE_FILENAMES ]; then
            while read FILE; do
                rm "$FOLDER/$FILE"
                sleep 0.005
            done < "$FILE_FILENAMES"
        printf "[%s] script has finished, almost all files have been deleted" "$(date)"
    sleep 5

Stats for my test:

  • batch-delete-script: 5000 files / 43 seconds -> ~100 files/s
  • rsync: 50.000 files / 6 seconds -> 8300 files/s !!

Obviously, the rsync is the fastest solution for deleting a huge number of files!

PS. There was another solution on one of the stackexchange threads above, that claimed that a Perl one-liner would be even faster:

cd ~/public_html/var/session/ && ls -1 | wc -l && perl -e ‘for(<*>){((stat)[9]<(unlink))}' && ls -1 | wc -l

I tested it and it was really faster…

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Categories: Linux, Technology
 25 Sep 2017 @ 8:44 PM 

Browsere folosite:

Mobile browsers: Chrome, Dolphin, UC Browser, Puffin, Iron, Yandex Browser


Windows: I2PsBrowserPortable, Brave, CentBrowser, Epic Privacy Browser, FlashPeak SlimBrowser, FreeNet, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Opera Neon, Polarity, UC Browser, Cent


Linux: Chrome, Opera, Chromium, Firefox, …



Extensii si aplicatii:

HTML format
Generated: Mon, 25 Sep 2017 17:39:06 GMT
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/60.0.3112.113 Safari/537.36

Extensions: 18

  • Octotree v2.3.1

    Code tree for GitHub

  • Tab Resize – split screen layouts v2.3.3

    Split Screen made easy. Resize the CURRENT tab and tabs to the RIGHT into layouts on separate windows. w/ Multi Monitor Support.

  • Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder v8.4.7

    Screen Capture FULL Web page or any part. Edit screenshots. Record screencasts – record video from your screen.

  • Share Extensions v0.1.2

    Export your favorite Google Chrome™ extensions as BBCode, HTML, Wiki, Markdown or text. Share extensions via Twitter, Google Mail™.

  • Pushbullet v336

    Bringing together your devices, friends, and the things you care about.

  • OneTab v1.18

    Save up to 95% memory and reduce tab clutter

  • Tampermonkey v4.4

    The world’s most popular userscript manager

  • Floating for YouTube™ Extension v0.7.3

    Open YouTube video in Floating Mini Player for YouTube™.

  • EditThisCookie v1.4.1

    EditThisCookie is a cookie manager. You can add, delete, edit, search, protect and block cookies!

  • LastPass: Free Password Manager v4.1.65.12

    LastPass, an award-winning password manager, saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.

  • Disconnect v5.18.23

    Make the web faster, more private, and more secure.

  • Cookie Inspector v2.0.9

    Missing cookie manager for Google Chrome. Edit and create cookies right in the Developer Tools.

  • Planyway: Calendar and Timeline for Trello v1.5.2.1

    Calendar and Team Timeline for Trello • Multiboard View • Google Calendar Sync

  • Utime v3.0.3

    Converts UNIX timestamps to human-readable dates and vice versa.

  • Application Launcher for Drive (by Google) v3.2

    Open Drive files directly from your browser in compatible applications installed on your computer.

  • Extensions Manager (aka Switcher) v0.2.1.2

    Handy extensions, applications & themes manager.

  • Zapier v2.2.2

    Manually trigger Zaps using Push

  • Evernote Web Clipper v6.12.3

    Use the Evernote extension to save things you see on the web into your Evernote account.

Disabled Extensions: 105

  • NooBoss v0.1.6.4

    A powerful Extensions Manager and Userscript Manager with many unique features

  • Google Translate v2.0.6

    View translations easily as you browse the web. By the Google Translate team.

  • Magic Actions for YouTube™ v7.2.0.5

    Enhance your YouTube watching experience! Cinema Mode, Mouse Wheel Volume Control, AutoHD, Expand, Snapshots …

  • Text Mode v0.5.0

    Browse the web without distractions via simple text based pages.

  • Postman Interceptor v0.2.23

    Sends requests fired through the Postman chrome app.

  • Tab-Snap v1.2.9

    Get open tab URLs for window, or load a list of URLs into new tabs on this window.

  • Xmarks Bookmark Sync v1.0.33

    Backup and sync your bookmarks and open tabs across computers and browsers. Xmarks is also available for Firefox, Safari and IE.

  • Open Screenshot v24.0

    The most powerful and freeware app for capture entire page, Save & Edit & Annotate & Print & Share

  • Media Hint v3.0.1

    Use the Media Hint service to access the content you need on the internet.

  • Sexy Undo Close Tab v7.5.5.6

    Accidentally closed your last tab? Tired of losing tabs in Incognito? Don’t worry, everything is possible with this sexy extension!

  • JSON Formatter v0.6.0

    Makes JSON easy to read. Open source.

  • Google Voice Search Hotword (Beta) v0.1.1.5023

    This extension allows you to say ‘Ok Google’ and start speaking your search.

  • Web Developer v0.5

    Adds a toolbar button with various web developer tools.

  • NiftySplit v0.8.0

    Splits the screen and loads all links in the second window

  • Lighthouse v2.3.0


  • Minimalist for Everything v0.7.0

    You live in webapps. Make them yours.

  • Chrome Poster v1.5

    Chrome poster is a developer tool that allows you to interact with http server

  • JSONView v0.0.32.3

    Validate and view JSON documents

  • Bookmarks Organizer v2.0.8

    Organize Bookmarks

  • uBlock Origin v1.14.8

    Finally, an efficient blocker. Easy on CPU and memory.

  • Transmission easy client v1.7.0

    Extension add Transmission web GUI in your web browser

  • Image Downloader v2.4.0

    Browse and download images on a web page.

  • BuiltWith Technology Profiler v2.6

    Find out what the website you are visiting is built with using this extension.

  • jQuery Debugger v0.1.3.2

    Chrome Developer Tools extension for jQuery development

  • Monster v1.0.2

    Monster analyzes web pages and suggests ways to improve their performance based on a set of rules for high performance web pages.

  • TickTick – Todo & Task List v1.1.2.6

    Your wonderful to-do & task list to make all things done and get life well organized.

  • Rememberry – Translate and Memorize v0.3.23

    Translate words and phrases while browsing the web, and easily replenish your foreign languages dictionary using flashcards.

  • Stackup v2.5.4

    Track, Measure, and Reward Online Reading.

  • Xdebug helper v1.6.1

    Easy debugging, profiling and tracing extension for Xdebug

  • MozBar v3.1.203

    MozBar from Moz

  • Google PageSpeed Insights Extension v2.2.4

    Check PageSpeed Insights score with a single click

  • Tabs Outliner v1.4.130

    The Next Generation Session Manager; A Really Working Too Many Open Tabs Solution; And Your Browsing Notebook.

  • Tab Wrangler v5.3.2

    Automatically closes inactive tabs and makes it easy to get them back

  • Dark Reader v3.5.0

    Care your eyes, invert page colors, use dark theme for night and daily browsing.

  • Excellent Selection v1.7.1

    Transform selected text using one of several built-in filters.

  • Link Klipper – Extract all links v2.4.1

    Extract all links on a webpage and export them to a file.

  • Watchdog v2.1

    A watchdog that checks analytics and trafic codes on every page you visit

  • Facebook Pixel Helper v0.7.13

    The Facebook Pixel Helper is a troubleshooting tool that helps you validate your pixel implementation.

  • Print or PDF with CleanPrint v4.8.4

    Print or PDF only what you want with CleanPrint

  • Tab Shutter v1.6.4

    Save all your current open tabs. Keep them accessible, anywhere and all the time.

  • XML Tree v2.0.1

    Displays XML data in a user friendly way.

  • jQuerify v2.5.0
  • HTTPS Everywhere v2017.9.12

    Encrypt the Web! Automatically use HTTPS security on many sites.

  • Forget Me – Clean History, Cookies & more v1.1.0

    Delete everything about a website. Cookies, History, localStorage, sessionStorage…everything!

  • Google Docs Offline v1.4

    Get things done offline with the Google Docs family of products.

  • AdBlock v3.16.0

    The most popular Chrome extension, with over 40 million users! Blocks ads all over the web.

  • Inbox by Gmail v1.0.0.1929

    Save links to web pages for later or share via email with one click.

  • Unlimited Free VPN – Hola v1.61.659

    Access websites blocked in your country, company or school with Hola! Hola is free and easy to use!

  • Holmes v3.3.0

    Chrome Bookmark Search Extension

  • Wappalyzer v5.1.1

    Identify web technologies

  • Nimbus Notes v3.2.3

    Nimbus Notes – The easiest way to taking notes and clip text/pictures from Web pages in Chrome browser.

  • Iconic History v1.0

    Visualize your browser history with favicons.

  • SuperSorter v0.4.4

    Clean up your bookmark mess! Sort bookmarks recursively, delete duplicates, merge folders, sort automatically, etc.

  • Eye Dropper v0.5.2

    Eye Dropper is open source extension which allows you to pick colors from web pages, color picker and your personal color history.

  • JetBrains IDE Support v2.0.9

    HTML/CSS/JavaScript editing and JavaScript debugging using JetBrains IDEs.

  • META SEO inspector v2.0.9

    Useful to inspect the meta data found inside web pages, usually not visible while browsing.

  • Resolution Test v2.3

    An extension for developers to test web pages in different screen resolutions, with an option to define your own resolutions

  • Table Capture v3.9

    Copies HTML tables to the clipboard or creates a Google Doc from them.

  • Proxmate v4.6.2

    Browse the web with confidence! Easily, Privately & Securely!

  • Live editor for CSS and LESS – Magic CSS v6.2.12

    Live preview of CSS/LESS code with an in-page editor. Autocomplete, convert LESS to CSS, beautify, minify, CSS reloader, linter, …

  • Inject jQuery v1.0.4

    Injects jQuery in the page.

  • EverSync – Sync bookmarks, backup favorites v13.1.1

    Synchronize your bookmarks, FVD Speed Dials. Secure online access. Backup, restore your bookmarks. Sync favorites between computers

  • XPath Helper Wizard v3.0.24

    Create XPath queries select similar elements and visualize the results.

  • Links Extractor v0.4

    click to search for links within this page

  • Memento Time Travel v1.0.0

    Travel to the past of the web by right-clicking pages and links.

  • Todoist: To-Do list and Task Manager v8.6

    Todoist is the beautifully simple to-do list designed to help you do more and stress less.

  • Page Ruler v2.0.9

    Draw a ruler to get pixel dimensions and positioning, and measure elements on any web page.

  • Trackitonline: package tracker v0.3.0.58

    Trackitonline – package tracking. Plugin for adding package items.

  • Web Scraper v0.2.0.16

    Tool for data extraction from websites

  • Google Analytics Debugger v2.6

    Prints useful information to the JavaScript console by enabling the debug version of the Google Analytics Javascript.

  • Pricy v4.2.8

    Pricy is your best friend when buying online. It tracks over 1.5 million products and gets you the best deals.

  • StumbleBar by StumbleUpon v11.304

    Discover the best of the web

  • Tag Assistant (by Google) v17.129.0

    Tag Assistant helps to troubleshoot installation of various Google tags including Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and more.

  • Sprint Reader – Speed Reading Extension v2.5

    Speed reading made easy, train yourself to read 1800+ words per minute. Rapid serial visual presentation (RSVP) at its best!

  • Remote Transmission ++ v1.0.4

    Download and manage torrents on a remote Transmission client.

  • Popup Blocker Pro v1.3.5

    Blocks popups and popunders and makes you feel better.

  • The Great Suspender v6.30

    Automatically suspends unused tabs to free up system resources

  • Noisli v1.0.11

    Improve your focus and boost your productivity. Block out annoying noises and create the right environment for working or relaxing.

  • tab packager by tab.bz v4.14

    turn your open tabs into one super short link!

  • PageSpeed Insights (with PNaCl) v0.0.1.8

    Analyze the performance of your webpages and get specific suggestions on how to optimize them.

  • ColumnCopy v0.4.0

    Enables copying columns from tables.

  • Corporate Ipsum v0.0.1

    Generate random corporate double-speak for use as filler text

  • Linkclump v2.7.8

    Lets you open, copy or bookmark multiple links at the same time.

  • User Agent Switcher, URL sniffer v0.9.3.9

    This extension can switch the user agent of a browser. and it allows you to find all HTTP URLs.

  • Video DownloadHelper v2.0.1.0

    Download videos from the Web

  • Bookmark Checker v5.1.6

    Bookmarks Checker. Scan favorites for broken or dead links. Delete empty, and duplicate folders.

  • Google Keep Chrome Extension v3.1.16302.1110

    Save to Google Keep in a single click!

  • Scraper v1.7

    Scraper gets data out of web pages and into spreadsheets.

  • Responsive Inspector v1.0.0

    Responsive Inspector allows inspecting page media queries.

  • Save to Google v2.2016.503.11627

    Saves a webpage to Google.

  • Handle for Gmail & Google Apps v1.20

    Handle: To-do List, Inbox, and Calendar Management all in one

  • Text Tools v1.0.10

    Handy text tools a click away

  • Hotspot Shield VPN Free Proxy – Unblock Sites v3.0.5

    Unblock any blocked website and stay secure with Hotspot Shield. Easy use with one-click activation. Unlimited bandwidth!

  • Google Tone v2.0.7

    Broadcast any URL to computers within earshot.

  • Data Scraper – Easy Web Scraping v3.278.0

    Data Scraper extracts data out of HTML web pages and imports it into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

  • VK Music Downloader – Safe v1.0.14

    Adds download button to every audio item on vk.com. All filenames are original. New vk design supported.

  • Better History v3.9.20

    A better look at your browsing history. The best searching, the sharpest interface, and the most useful filters – for your history.

  • SaveFrom Social v3.2.0

    SaveFrom поможет скачать музыку с вк бесплатно без рекламы

  • Storage Area Explorer v0.4.2

    Simple editor for Storage Area for Chrome Packaged Apps & Extensions

  • Live CSS Editor v1.8.0

    Live Write CSS onto any page

  • Print Friendly & PDF v2.3.1

    Print Friendly and PDF any Webpage

  • Stylebot v2.2

    Change the appearance of websites instantly. Preview and install styles created by other users on stylebot.me

  • Mercury Reader v4.2.4.0

    Mercury Reader – Clear away the clutter from all of your articles. Instantly.

  • Recent Bookmarks v1.6.2

    A list of recent bookmarks in descending order, grouped by the day they were added.

  • Startpage Toolbar v2.0.9

    Startpage Toolbar

Exported with Share Extensions for Google Chrome™

Apps: 35

  • Postman v5.2.0
  • Google Keep – notes and lists v3.1.17381.1239

    Quickly capture what’s on your mind and share those thoughts with friends and family.

  • Floating for YouTube™ v0.7.0

    Always on top Floating Mini Player for YouTube™.

  • Google Slides v0.9

    Create and edit presentations

  • Google Docs v0.9

    Create and edit documents

  • Google Drive v14.1

    Google Drive: create, share and keep all your stuff in one place.

  • Habitual v0.2.5

    Better Habits, Better You.

  • Link All v1.4.0.0

    Link all the nodes. It is not as easy as you would think.

  • Signal Private Messenger v0.43.4

    Privacy is possible. Signal makes it easy.

  • YouTube v4.2.8
  • HTML Editor v1.0.0.1

    A Reactive Editor for HTML5 Creations and Experiments

  • Alchemize v2.1.0

    Minify & pretty-print source code with ease.

  • Visual History v0.5.5

    Visual History for Chrome web browser. Display your browsing behaviour through an interactive graph.

  • Google Apps Script v1.5

    Create and edit scripts

  • Google Play Music v1.375.0

    Google Play Music for Chrome

  • Postman – REST Client v0.8.4.19
  • Google Sheets v1.1

    Create and edit spreadsheets

  • Caret v1.6.28

    Professional text editing for Chrome and Chrome OS

  • Google Photos v1.0

    Store, search, and share a lifetime of photos

  • Timer v0.0.0.6

    Timer Countdown + Alarm Clock + Stopwatch

  • Kindle Cloud Reader v1.7.0.1

    Kindle Cloud Reader – Read Kindle books in your browser, and shop on Amazon.com.

  • html Fire v1.0.0.0

    An Offline Realtime HTML Editor, for quick coding checking on the code

  • Mohiomap v1.6

    Visually explore and organize all of your Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, and Box files and make better informed decisions.

  • Orb-X v0.2

    Guide the orb to the black hole.

  • WorkFlowy v1.9

    WorkFlowy is a beautiful tool for lists and notes. It’s simple enough for a shopping list, and powerful enough to run a company.

  • Mini Player for YouTube, Vimeo & Facebook v1.26.5

    Mini Player allows you to play videos on a floating mini window at the bottom of your screen from sites YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook

  • JSON Editor v3.7.5

    A tool to view, edit, format, and validate JSON

  • Mindomo – Mind Mapping and Concept Mapping v7.6.3

    Real-time collaboration on mind maps, concept maps and outlines. Works with Google Drive.

  • DevDocs v1.0.8

    All-in-one, offline API documentation browser with a fast, organized, and searchable interface.

  • Chrome MySQL Admin v4.6.4

    This application provides you ‘MySQL GUI Admin console’ windows.

  • Tamper Chrome (application) v1.3.1

    Intercept and modify Chrome requests

  • Chrome Apps & Extensions Developer Tool v0.1.18

    Develop and Debug Chrome Apps & Extensions.

  • TeamViewer v12.1.7400

    TeamViewer – the All-In-One Software for Remote Support and Home Office

  • Gmail v8.1

    Fast, searchable email with less spam.

  • Reditr – The Best Reddit Client v0.3.3.4

    Desktop application developed for Reddit with an intuitive column design with fast browsing for your endless entertainment needs.


Exported with Chrome Extensions Share


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 13 Jan 2013 @ 2:46 PM 

I had a problem with viewing/editing a 370 Mb SQL file in Windows (7) on a machine with 4GB of RAM.

I searched some solutions:

Common candidates:

  • Notepad++, Notepad, Wordpad
  • SublimeText – my personal favorite (it surpassed Notepad++ in 2011 when I first read about it)
  • TextPad, UltraEdit, EditPlus (v3)
  • TheGun (“For 6k in file size, it is fully drag and drop enabled, it supports wordwrap and it has a separate accessory to change some of the startup settings. TheGun does not use any additional runtime DLLs and is coded in Microsoft Assembler (MASM) using the Windows API functions. TheGun does not have an effective file size limit and the maximum size that can be loaded into it is determined by available memory and loading speed of the file.”)
  •  Programmer’s File Editor
  • gVim (a port of vim for Windows), Cream (a wrapper/configuration editor over gVim)
  • some usual programming IDEs: PHPStorm – my personal favorite (it surpassed NetBeans in 2012), Netbeans, Eclipse – they all failed miserably 🙂
  • Large Text File Viewer 5.2 (its last What’s new record was on 6/5/2009)
  • SlickEdit, 010 Editor, PilotEdit;
  • VEdit


  • Notepad++ (6MB kit/portable, open-source) – memory: 6MB at start, 785MB when editing, open in ~5 seconds, save in ~4 seconds, search in 6-11 seconds, instant edit/undo/redovery fluid when navigating inside the file (after an initial pause ~38 seconds); But, sometimes it won’t open it (Error: the file is too big)
  • SublimeText2 (6MB kit/portable, evaluation version – 30 days) – works, but VERY sluggish on all operations: open, find, save, undo; memory: 18MB at start, 2GB when editing,
  • Programmer’s File Editor (650K portable, open-source) – memory: 7MB at start, 420MB when editing, open/save in ~10 seconds, search in 2-3 seconds, instant edit/undo/redovery fluid when navigating inside the file; But: it said it cropped too long lines, which is kind of unacceptable (maybe there are settings to avoid it, but I tried the solution just as-it-was)
  • Large Text File Viewer 5.2 (500K portable, open-source) – memory: 1.5MB at start, 5MB when viewing, open in ~10 seconds, search > 150 seconds, NO edit/undo/redovery fluid when navigating inside the fileOnly viewer, no editor;  NO syntax highlighting;
  • TheGun (6K portable, open-source) – memory: 1.5MB at start, 792MB when viewing, open in ~20 seconds, save in ~10 seconds, search in 2-3 seconds, instant edit/undo/redo, very fluid when navigating inside the fileNO syntax highlighting;
  • Cream [gVim] (8MB kit, open-source) – memory: 4.5MB at start, 420MB when viewing, open in ~4 seconds, save in ~10 seconds, search in 2-3 seconds, instant edit/undo/redosluggish when moving inside the fileNO syntax highlighting;
  • TextPad (4MB kit, evaluation version – 30 days) – memory: 4MB at start, 22-26MB when editing, open in ~22 seconds, save in ~4 seconds, search in 1 second, instant edit/undo/redovery fluid when navigating inside the file; But it has a start warning about converting unknown characters to the system default code page 1252 (though it keeps its UTF-8 character set and saves it the same); NO syntax highlighting;
  • UltraEdit (33MB kit, trial version – 30 days) – memory: 19MB at start, 22-29MB when editing, open/save in ~10 seconds, search in ~5 seconds, instant edit/undo/redo, sluggish when moving inside the fileNO syntax highlighting;
  • EditPlus 3 (2MB kit, evaluation version – 30 days) –  won’t open it: “Out of memory”, Warning at opening: File is too large (recommends max file size: 323MB)
  • SlickEdit ( 78MB kit, trial version – 30 days) – memory: 54MB at start, 795MB when editing, open instantlysave in ~3 seconds, search in 1 second, instant edit, NO undo/redovery fluid when navigating inside the file (after a short initial pause ~3 seconds) ; NO syntax highlighting; When editing a file larger than 100MB, SlickEdit will turn off Undo/Redo capabilities for all files to improve performance.;
  • 010 Editor ( 13MB kit,evaluation version – 30 days) – memory: 9MB at start, 12-25MB when editing, open in ~4 seconds, save in ~4 seconds, search in 5 seconds, instant edit/undo/redovery fluid when navigating inside the fileNO syntax highlighting;
  • PilotEdit (10MB kit, trial version – 30 days) – memory: 12MB at start, 17-22MB when editing, open in ~32 secondssave in ~1 second, search in 5 seconds, instant edit/undo/redovery fluid when navigating inside the fileSyntax highlighting;
  • vEdit (2MB kit, trial version – 30 days) – memory: 3MB at start, 3MB when editingopen instantlysave in ~2 secondsearch in 2-3 seconds, instant edit/undo/redoconstantly (~2 seconds) waiting for disk operations when navigating inside the fileNO syntax highlighting; weird (old-ish) interface;

Testing conditions:

  • The search was made for some words at the end of the file, with the cursor positioned at the beginning
  • Syntax highlighting was needed for SQL
  • Navigation was tested using the mouse on the scrollbar, not the keyboard]
  • The test file was an SQL export (370MB)
  • I haven’t tried the suggestions on StackExchange – disable temporary file, syntax parsing and undo/redo functionality, though some of the programs offered to do some of these changes automatically for this kind of big files and eventually only for the current session – a thumb up for UltraEdit!

So, my winners are:

  • Free/Open-source: Notepad++, TheGun, Programmer’s File Editor, Cream [gVim], Large Text File Viewer
  • Trial/Evaluation: TextPad, PilotEdit, 010 Editor, vEdit, UltraEdit, SlickEdit
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 22 Jan 2012 @ 5:12 PM 

QR Codes:

A QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) is a type of matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) first designed for the automotive industry. More recently, the system has become popular outside of the industry due to its fast readability and large storage capacity compared to traditional UPC barcodes. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be made up of four standardized kinds (“modes”) of data (numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary, Kanji), or by supported extensions virtually any kind of data. (source: wikipedia [code for mobile QR code image scanners to the right])

QR codes generators:


Google Chartshttp://chart.apis.google.com/chart?cht=qr&chs=200×200&chld=l&chl=http%3A%2F%2Fen.qrwp.org%2FQr_code


Phone Numbers:



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 06 Dec 2011 @ 1:33 PM 

In my case, this line (pasted as the last line of wp-config.php) worked like a charm:

define('CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false );

I found the solution here: Visual Editor does not appear

I hope it helps anyone!

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 06 Apr 2011 @ 2:47 PM 

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 30 Jun 2010 @ 11:15 PM 

SD, SDHC, SDXC, SDHC UHS-I,SDXC UHS-I, (normal-) SD, mini-SD, micro-SD size

credit: SD Videos – SD Association.

SD cards – Usage Tip Videos

See what’s new with SD technology! Find out how to use all SD memory cards and the new UHS-I high speed performance option available for SDXC and SDHC. Learn how to match the new UHS symbols on memory cards to your devices and other usage tips to achieve the best performance.

Watch this video and see how easy it is to use SD Memory Cards in all of the new and exciting SDXC and SDHC devices. To enjoy the optimum experience, simply check your device’s Owners Manual and then match your SD memory card to the device. Since SD is backwards compatible, you can even use your existing cards in new products, too.

Find the Right SD Memory Card

SD miniSD microSD
Full Size
(Up to 2GB)
SD miniSD microSD
High Capacity
(4GB to 32GB)
Extended Capacity
(Over 32GB up to 2TB)

SD memory cards come in a variety of speed classes and three different physical sizes: SD, miniSD, and microSD. The SD card is typically used in personal computers, video cameras, digital cameras and other large consumer electronics devices. The microSD and miniSD cards are commonly used in smaller electronic devices like mobile phones. Some manufacturers offer adapters to fit a traditional SD card slot, allowing even greater versatility and flexibility to use the card in a mobile phone as well as a computer or video camera.

To determine the right card for your device, always consult the device’s user manual or contact the manufacturer. All SD memory card formats are readily available in the marketplace and can be found in a range of retail outlets including drug stores, electronics and computer shops and Internet sites.

Choosing the Best Card – What Memory Capacity do I Need?

SD memory cards come in a variety of memory capacities designed to fit your needs and budget. The next-generation SD memory card specification, SDXC, offers the greatest memory capacity and UHS SDHC and SDXC products offer the fastest performance. Your device’s users manual may help you select the memory that is right for your device. You can also determine the best memory capacity based on how you plan to use the card. For cameras, consider the picture resolution of every photo, and for your MP3 player, the bit-rate required for smooth playback. Take a look at our reference chart that illustrates the various storage capacities.

2 GB 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB 32 GB
(Hi-def movie recording MPEG-4. H.264)
Fine mode (13Mbps/CBR) 20 min. 40 min. 80 min. 160 min. 320 min.
Normal mode (9Mbps/VBR) 30 min. 60 min. 120 min. 240 min. 480 min.
Economy mode (6Mbps/VBR) 45 min. 60 min. 180 min. 360 min. 720 min.
10 Megapixels, 3648×2736, Fine mode 770 photos 1,540 photos 3,080 photos 6,160 photos 12,320 photos
ACC, MP3 HQ mode, 128Kbps 34 hr. 7 min. 68 hr. 14 min. 136 hr. 27 min. 272 hr. 54 min. 545 hr. 48 min.

* All numbers are approximate. Actual storage will depend on size of data and compression used.

How to Pick the Best Speed

For greatest performance, users should pair their devices with the corresponding SD memory card. Your device user’s manual will help you select the SD memory card performance that will maximize your device performance.

SD Speed Class/UHS Speed Class

Greater Performance Choices

There are two kinds of Speed Class, “Speed Class” and “UHS Speed Class.”

As a characteristic of flash memory, actual transfer speed varies. Variable speeds are difficult to reliably record streaming content such as video because it requires a constant writing speed. Speed Class and UHS Speed Class provide the constant speed necessary for video recording by designating a minimum writing performance so that minimum and constant speed is guaranteed for camcorders, video recorders and other devices with video recording capabilities under the conditional write operation specified in the specification.

Speed Class, designated as Class 2, 4, 6 and 10, is designed for normal and high speed bus interface (mode) and UHS Speed Class 1 is designed for UHS-I bus interface*. (Speed Class and the UHS Speed Class are not compatible.)

*UHS (Ultra High Speed), the fastest performance category available today, defines bus-interface speeds up to 104 Megabytes per second for greater device performance in SDXC and SDHC host products.

Marks Operable Under… Applications SD Memory Card
Speed Class 2 Normal Bus I/F SD video recording SD, miniSD, microSD
SDHC, miniSDHC, microSDHC
4 6 HD ~ Full HD video recording
10 High Speed Bus I/F Full HD video recording
HD still consecutive recording
UHS Speed Class 1 UHS-I Bus I/F Full higher potential of recording real-time broadcasts and capturing large-size HD videos SDHC UHS-I and SDXC UHS-I

UHS Speed Class Compatibility

Look for these logos when choosing a SD Card and host device

Speed Class Compatibility

Look for these logos when choosing a SD Card and host device

Fragmentation and Speed

The memory of a card is divided into minimum memory units. The host writes data onto memory units where no data is already stored. As available memory becomes divided into smaller units through normal use, this leads to an increase in non-linear, or fragmented storage. The amount of fragmentation can reduce write speeds, so higher SD card speeds help compensate for fragmentation.

The SD Association has specified operating conditions for SDHC, SDXC, SDHC UHS-I and SDXC UHS-I memory cards to guarantee the minimum speed according to the card’s speed class. Speed logos are provided to help identify cards that comply with these specifications.

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 23 May 2010 @ 11:42 AM 

Inside India’s CAPTCHA solving economy

No CAPTCHA can survive a human that’s receiving financial incentives for solving it, and with an army of low-wagedIndia CAPTCHA breakers human CAPTCHA solvers officially in the business of “data processing” while earning a mere $2 for solving a thousand CAPTCHA’s. | August 29, 2008

Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail’s CAPTCHA broken by| July 3, 2008, 5:46am PDT

Google’s reCAPTCHA flawed | December 15, 2009

Cloned In China

Cloned In China is a tech news website, covering China’s latest consumer electronics, like laptops, Mobile phones, MIDs, portable media players, and so on. We provide the website as an informative resource only. We don’t promote or sell any product  on this website.

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 03 May 2010 @ 12:55 AM 


Instead of stopping, this train picks up and drops off a shuttle from its roof. Pretty slick.

It looks cool and it doesn’t brake for anybody. No, it’s not a teenage rebel, it’s a train. The “Train that Never Stops” looks to save passengers time and train companies money spent on fuel. This concept, which has been kicking around for years, proposes that trains have a special shuttle on their roofs that passengers can enter and exit. At each stop, a new shuttle is picked up and an old one is dropped off, letting passengers (dis)embark via the shuttle without the need for the entire train to stop. It’s an ingenious idea and a fascinating one to watch in action. Check out the concept video below.

“The birth of nanotechnology is popularly taken to be 1989, when IBM Fellow Don Eigler used a scanning tunneling microscope to create the company’s logo out of xenon atoms.”

More »

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 27 Apr 2010 @ 11:35 PM 

Android 2.2 Froyo (Samsung Galaxy S):

  • Jocuri: Jewellust, Tropical Towers, Camera slide, Chess Genius, Overkill, ParkingBreak, PacMan, Stuck, Droid Breakout, Cube Challenge, SliceIt, Sudoku Free, Memory Trainer, Math Workout, Hangman Classic, Angry Birds, Labyrinth Lite, aTilt 3D Labyrinth, MoleMoleMole!, Bistro Cook, Pacific Wings, Backgammon Free, Zuma’s Revenge, WordUp, World Countries, Capital City Challenge, Fruit Slice, Fallling Ball, Solitaire, Frogger, Vector Ace, Find Differences, GeoQuiz, 250+ Solitaire, Phit Droid, Angry Birds Season, Fling, Geografie, Jumping Jack, …
  • Apps: Most It, My Backup Pro, WeatherBug Elite, Absolute System, WifiTracker, Backup to Gmail, SUFBS, Tasker, Quadrant Advanced, My Reminders, Recordoid, EasyTether Pro, AndroZip Pro, AlarmClock Xtreme, Fancy Widget, Market, SGS Tools, CRKO Commander, Shazam, Record My Call, AppBrain App, Wardrive, AndroidVNC, Quick Settings, iGO, MortPlayer Music (& widgets), SpringPad, GoLauncher, Apps Organizer, Mileage, Apps2sd, Surveyor, Battery Doctor, Barcode Scanner, DiskUsage, ES File Explorer, Instant Heart, JEFIT (& Animation), Droid Streamer, ROM Manager, Relax and Sleep, RunKeeper, QuickDesk, Thinking Space, Layar, WatchDog Lite, 3G Watchdog, Autostart Killer, Anti SMS Bomb, FastReboot, SMS Backup and Restore, Backup everything, App Backup & Reinstall, Call Logs Backup & Reinstall, App List Backup, App List, Google Reader, Ringdroid, Opera Mobile, Shopping Assistant, PBX TV, …
  • Apps websites: http://www.appbrain.com, tested.com, AndroidForums, Android Tapp, lifehacker,

Windows mobile 6.5 Phone (Eten Glofiish X800, HTC Touch HD):

  • Vito Audio Notes Touch (record calls)
  • MemMaid (utility all-in-one)
  • MyMobiler
  • OneNote Mobile
  • TCPMP Player | S2P Player
  • QuickMenu
  • Spb Backup
  • Spb Clone
  • Total Commander CE
  • HomeScreen Plus

Nokia Symbian S60 v3/5 Phone (Nokia E51)

  • X-plore | FExplorer
  • Best CallRecorder
  • BestAlarms | Alarms Pro
  • Contacts Transfer, Rseven
  • MessageStorer ,  SMS & MMS Diary
  • PowerMp3 Player, Fivn Player | PVPlayer
  • planet Radio, yxflash
  • Opera Mobile , Putty
  • Shopping List , Google maps
  • Google Maps

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