24 Nov 2010 @ 12:57 PM 

Dupa recordul panoramelor de 26 gigapixeli de anul trecut (Paris si Dresda) si de 18 gigapixeli (Praga), 360cities ne incanta acum cu alte cateva bunatati:

Londra – 80 gigapixeli

Dubai 45 gigapixels

Dubai e prezent in lista celor mai bine definite locatii panoramice cu o fotografie facuta de gigapan.org (via http://www.gadling.com).

gigapan: Dubai 45 gigapixels

Detalii tehnice:

4,250 individual shots taken with a Canon 7D and the 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L zoom at 400mm. Total shooting time circa 3 hours 30 minutes, in 37C heat (that's the temperature in the shade - the camera and lens were almost too hot to touch at the end of this).
PC - i7-920, 12GB RAM, 2x 300GB Velociraptors (not RAID). On attempting to stitch this the first time, I was told I needed just over a terabyte of scratch space, so I had to go out and buy a 2TB disk and install that as well!
Power and storage:
All 4,250 images (.jpg only) managed to fit on a single 32GB CF card, taking up 27.5 GB.
HUGE thanks to South Korean property developer Bando Construction and Engineering for making available the location to shoot this from - Ubora Towers in Business Bay, Dubai.
*edited the date taken field as it was showing the date the stitching was completed, and not the date the photos were taken.*
Date Taken: April 23, 2010
Bookmarked: 38 times
Total Views: 2248412 views
Snapshots: 996
Size: 44.88 gigapixels
Field of View: 243.3 degrees wide, 0.0 degrees high

Bucuresti este pe un loc intermediar, filmat/fotografiat de cei de la skycam.ro, si prezentat la panopixel.ro

In plus, si Hanoi-ul se lauda cu o fotografie panoramica facuta cu ocazia aniversarii a 1000 ani.

Hanoi 1000 Panoramic Photo

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 17 Apr 2010 @ 11:57 AM 

The Bible According To Google Earth.

Scenes from the Bible have been imagined by countless artists over the centuries, but never quite like this. God’s Eye View portrays four key Biblical events as if captured by Google Earth. Above, The Crucifixion.

More »

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 23 Feb 2010 @ 10:51 PM 

(Original article)

I know a lot of people who don’t know which is the best or the optimum resolution for their monitors (display). Therefore, I made a chart with the most popular sizes (inch) for the FullScreen (4:3, 5:4) monitors and the Wide (16:9, 16:10) monitors. The oldest, but not the forgotten monitor model is the FullScreen. In the opinion of the monitors producer, for each size there’s an optimum resolution.

So, this is what it looks like:

  • 15 inch (38cm) -> 1024×768
  • 17 inch (43cm) -> 1280×1024 SXGA
  • 19 inch (48cm) -> 1280×1024
  • 20 inch (51cm) -> 1600×1200
  • 21 inch (53cm) -> 1600×1200

For Wide Screens the resolution formats are:

  • 17 inch (43cm) -> 1440×900 WXGA
  • 19 inch (48cm) -> 1440×900
  • 20,1 inch (50cm) -> 1680×1050
  • 21 inch (53cm) -> 1680×1050
  • 22 inch (56cm) -> 1680×1050
  • 24 inch (61cm) -> 1920×1200
  • 26 inch (66cm) -> 1920×1200
  • 28 inch (71cm) -> 1920×1200
  • 30 inch (76cm) -> 2560×1600

Three issues that need to be kept in mind every time we set our resolution are:

  • the distance between the monitor screen and us
  • the refresh rate that the monitor can support in terms of hardware
  • depends on how well we see

PS: Don’t forget to relax your eyes at regular intervals of time. If you can, look out the window or at objects that are far away from you.

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 04 Jan 2010 @ 7:57 PM 

Nikon L20 - front view

Nikon L20 - vedere frontala

Nikon L20 - back view
  • Compact, usor, rapid;
  • Fotografii de foarte buna calitate;
  • Bateriile alkaline (primite la cumparare) m-au tinut surprinzator de mult;
  • Cardul de date Lexar 2GB, husa, acumulatorii Nikon 2300mAh si incarcatorul asociat sunt foarte apreciate;
  • Putin mai greoi in utilizare atunci cand vrei sa schimbi setarile fata de alte aparate/marci;
  • Poze mai “nereusite” la lumina slaba;
  • Atentie la prindere, pentru ca are tendinta de a  “aluneca” din mana destul de usor
  • Lipsa unui view-finder – ecranul lcd consuma mult mai rapid bateriile/acumulatorii;
Descriere: More »
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 20 Dec 2009 @ 1:05 AM 

Shanghai Skyline – 272.31 Gigapixels

Link: Shanghai Skyline – Stitched From 12,000 Pictures – 上海风景线 – 由12000张图片拼成 by Alfred Zhao
Shanghai, one of the most populous cities in the world, has never been pictured in such enormous detail. Let the world experience this fast growing city and understand China is always my dream. Through my telephoto lens, I wish you, the viewer, can blend into the daily life in Shanghai and enjoy your virtual visit.

Dubai 360° Spherical GigaPan

Link: Dubai 360° Spherical GigaPan @13.5m by Giga Works (multumesc, savagedanyro).

Paris – 26 gigapixels

Orasul luminilor – no comment, doar un link: Paris – 26 gigapixels si o fotografie.

Dresden – 26 gigapixels

Captured in a series of 1655 images taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera, a man by the name of Holger Schulze captured a 26-Gigapixel photo of the cityscape in Dresden, Germany. The camera used a 400mm lens and was mounted on a motorized head to take the shots over nearly 3 hours.

The computer that processed the RAW image files had 16 processors and 48GB of memory. It took approximately 94 hours to stitch together all the shots into the massive 26-Gigapixel image. You can see the entire shot, as well as zoom around the cityscape, at this website: http://www.dresden-26-gigapixels.com/dresden26GP

Prague – 18 gigapixels

A similar shot of Prague, amounting to 18-Gigapixels, can be found at this website:  http://www.360cities.net/prague-18-gigapixels

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